Client Love

"Our birth story would have turned out so much different than it did had we not had Nicole by our side, and for that I cannot recommend her enough!"

Emma L.

"We weren’t sure whether we needed a day or night doula—or even how much time we might need. Balanced Bellies helped us prep for a certain number of hours and then coordinate once we were in the thick of things. Nikki then helped us find our way out of the fog. The support we received touched on everything for prepping meals to emotional and lactation support. We learned about ways to care for our baby and felt like better parents because of it. Balanced Bellies was so responsive and wonderful to work with. I couldn’t recommend them more!"

Susan H.

"I can’t thank you enough for all your great education, counseling and guidance during the past couple of months during my “fourth trimester”. Because of you, I had a very successful transition to work this week especially with pumping. I am so glad my birth doula recommended that I consult with you. You’ve been a lifesaver! "

Michele H.

"I'm a single mother who welcomed a daughter a few months ago, and I can't express how great it's been to have Nikki with us as our postpartum doula! Nikki did everything from holding my daughter so I could shower or nap to helping me stay on top of laundry and making sure I remembered to eat. Even better, she was a wealth of information on infant care (she helped me give my little one her first bath), breastfeeding (helping me try out pumping and first bottle feeding), and baby logistics (making it through the grocery store with the baby for the first time). Perhaps most crucial, Nikki was friendly and helpful - always a calming presence who I looked forward to seeing every time. I would absolutely go back to Balanced Bellies if I have a second child - and highly recommend!"

Maria T.

"Choosing a doula for your birth or postpartum is not easy and should be something you take your time to decide. However, I knew Lindsey was the right fit for us as soon as I discovered how passionate she is about both babies and moms being well versed on the most current scientific studies to ensure the short and long term health of them both. Her dedication to her work is coupled with a level of professionalism that we did not find in other doulas. Because of this Lindsey quickly became a trusted confidant to me and my husband leading up to, during, and even after the birth of our daughter. "

Jillian L.

"My husband was skeptical at first; he didn't want someone there who was going to take over or make him feel uninvolved. The moment he met Elizabeth all those feelings and reservations melted away. We both instantly felt at ease and comfortable with her, but it wasn't just because of her calm and reassuring demeanor or that all of our energies jived, it was that she is incredibly knowledgeable and has extensive experience as a Midwife and as a doula. Having her on our team made us feel so secure and confident in the decisions we were making when she guided us through her questionnaire. She asked questions and brought up points that we hadn't even considered and it was through that process that we were able to *really* put into words exactly how we wanted this process to go. We were no longer going in blind and knowing that felt AMAZING."

Emily S.

"While we were hesitant at first about bringing aboard a postpartum doula, we decided to move forward as soon as we had our initial phone conversation with Balanced Bellies. I truly felt like we were in good hands after numerous calls with other agencies and doulas. We met Tati, she was incredibly caring and loving to our son, and supportive to me as I worked through breastfeeding challenges. She not only took good care of our son at night, but also checked in each day as to how our son was doing and helped us through any questions or concerns we had. Her knowledge of babies was invaluable, and often saved me from my daily google explorations. I highly recommend her to any family who is looking for support in the early days and peace of mind."

Danielle T.

"We are so lucky to have worked with Tatiana! We had her 3 nights a week for the first few weeks after our son was born (including our first night home from the hospital), and two nights a week after that. We looked forward to the nights she was coming so much! Helping us get more sleep was amazing, and critical for post delivery recovery and our general sanity. But her help went far beyond that -- we are still benefiting from everything she taught us. The expertise she offered on breastfeeding, baby care, and mom/dad care got us off on the right foot, and helped everything go as smoothly as possible from the beginning. We appreciated her direct communication and her suggestions as well as encouragement. Perhaps most importantly, she was absolutely wonderful with our baby. She was as attentive, gentle, and loving with him as we were. Our little family was so lucky to have her, and we would absolutely recommend her!"

Colleen L.

"We hired our Birth Doula through Balanced Bellies when we lived in New York, we moved to Virginia while pregnant with our 2nd daughter and hired our Birth AND Postpartum Doula through them again. Not knowing what to expect with our 2nd and in a new home it was a godsend to know we had unbiased support on a daily and nightly basis."

Amy E.

"Tatiana was a wonderful doula, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She was responsive, even in the middle of the night, and she was our advocate in the hospital and helped explain the procedures to us in ways that were easy to understand during such a stressful time. She was an excellent support for us and extremely valuable. At first, we did not consider a doula, but looking back, I am so glad that we decided that Tatiana was part of our birth plan!"

Catherine B.

"The ladies at Balanced Bellies were so helpful from the initial phone call. The process was so easy to hire help. I decided at 41 weeks that we wanted help when we got home from the hospital with our son. As soon as I made that decision I went into labor on my own 2 days later. It was like my body knew everything was ready and I felt so much ease after hiring Amber. Amber was such a delight, professional and knowledgeable."

Lauren T.

"We hired Liz for the first 4 weeks we were home with our daughter. Both day time care to help me out while on maternity leave and overnight care when we needed a sleep. Liz took care of the everyday things for our baby –assembling the bottles, helped organize the nursery and emptying the diaper pail. She helped get us set up on a healthy sleep cycle and sleep training was so much easier. Baby J is now sleeping consistently 10 hours at night at 6 weeks."

Alison S.