Meet Shanari - DMV Team

Where are you originally from and why did you become a doula?

I am from Maryland. I became a doula to help mothers gain confidence in their body while maintaining the normalcy of childbirth.

What is the greatest compliment you’ve ever received from a client?

That I was truly helpful and that they didn't know what they would do without me.

What do you enjoy about working with new families and newborns?

I enjoy the dialogue and being able to provide resources.

Tell us a little about your educational background. What degrees or certifications/training do you have?

BSN, RN, CPR Certified, DONA trained Doula

How would you characterize your approach to newborn care and working with new mothers?

A liberal evidence based approach

What do you enjoy outside of Doula work?

Walking on nature trails.

Share a fun fact about yourself!

I am a mom to a Senior dog. Which is challenging at times.