"Are your Doulas Vaccinated?"

"Are your Doulas vaccinated?”  Yes, in every state we are located in some are fully vaccinated. Some have had their first dose. However, we have a large number of Doulas that are on waitlists. Until then, we will continue to follow the COVID protocols we have put in place.

Our protocols (whether vaccinated or not):
-Our Doulas are serving 1-2 client(s) at a time.  
-Every Doula is tested prior to working in-person with a client.
-Our Doulas will remove themselves from a contract if they have been in contact with anyone who may have shown any symptoms of COVID-19.
-Our Doulas will be practicing social distancing per CDC guidelines outside of their shift.  
-Our Doulas wear a mask when they are working with the baby or in the home and/or attending the birth in hospital or birth center.
-Face masks may also be requested by the Doula for clients to use when in close proximity and handing the baby over.

As the CDC guidelines develop we will continue to alter our current policies as we see our way through hopefully the end of COVID-19.

If you are looking for anything additional; exclusivity doula to your family ratio, bi-weekly testing when working in-person, 2 week quarantine before working with your family please fill out the free consult. We will gladly discuss your options.